Thoughts and Emotions

You don’t have to control your thoughts.You just have to stop letting them control you!

Thoughts and emotions

With our thoughts, so we create our world

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Have you ever stop for a second, taken a step back and seen yourself as you are in that moment? Watching all those thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Have you noticed how you are feeling at that moment? How these colour and affect how you appreciate/ evaluate/ think of yourself?

Have you ever joined up these dots between your thoughts and emotions, feelings and reactions? Noticed how they interlink and steer the direction of conscious flow? How this directs the outcome of your life.

Thoughts and emotions

The mechanics of thoughts and emotions

Thoughts have no independent existence other than when you think of them! If you do not think about something, then it has no existence or relevance to you at that moment in time. Thoughts remain latent memories in the subconscious until called upon. Thoughts rely on the attention you give them.

That’s why we crave distraction in any way we can. To take us away from how we really feel from the teaming internal thoughts. The judgements we attach to them and the subsequent feelings, some positive and lovely but often as not more likely to be negative and hormonally destructive to our balance.

If we follow the same patterns of our daily mind, over and over again, then these become learnt patterns of thinking, neural pathways. I see them as Teflon highways of the mind, which once we step foot on them take us off in a never-ending slide down an old road. Unable to stop and reassess, we collide with our shortcomings, our past our fears, which leads to the desperation of a pointless, useless energy-draining view of ourselves and our lives.

Neural pathways
Teflon roads of the mind

Thoughts from the conscious neocortex often generate emotional feelings, bringing up memories and past experiences, with their associated responses from the limbic and reptilian long term memory. Or projected future outcomes which have not occurred yet, but still from past experience, we can be affected by them.

Automatic pilot

It all happens so fast. A stream of consciousness leading you mentally and physically down the road of habitual reactions and outcomes.

Is there a way to optimise this whole process and get your arising thoughts to instantly support you to be happy, healthy, positive and successful? Rather than pull you by the nose down that same old road.


Imagine a way to positively put those negative, self-critical thoughts back in the box.

Then to choose life-enhancing attitudes and actions supporting and changing you from the deep core inside to out

Here is a clue

Trying to do nothing on purpose. Do not think about something, anything other than that which is 100% present in your present reality now.

Do not make up stories, do not go off on daydreams, do not create ideas, or fix any thoughts. Stay in this moment, this moment of your life. And hold it, hold that attention for as long as you can. When you get distracted by your clever mind, come back, bring back your attention again to the focus of nothing on purpose. Again stay in this moment.

Attempting to change the way you feel about something by just thinking about it with your monkey mind, in the long run, just isn’t going to work. Trying is the motivation for distraction.

Yet focusing your attention on the triviality of this glorious moment is the key to the door of your future. The key to seeing life for what it is to you now without the emotional judgment and all that helta skelta of overwhelming and confusing thoughts.

You are using the wrong part of the Brain if you try to fix it all with your clever thoughts! Allow your insight, overview, and connected perception of your life through your conscious awareness to take control of your well-being and happiness, which can not be disturbed by the changing of life situations.

Your clever mind, your monkey mind, maybe will be able to distract you sufficiently for an hour or a day, but it is definitely not a long term sustainable plan! All that effort and trying a long way round fraught with judgment, guilt, and failure will all end. Whenever has telling someone else to ‘Be happy’ ever worked? So why would it work with you?

We have to take another tack. We need to get to the root of the cause of our thoughts and emotions then change that initial catalyst. Take it from automatic first-choice reaction to a very much one of sitting on the reserve bench well off the field of play. Considered, positive attitude with a smile on your face.

The Root and Cause of who you are

We are all the product of our evolution. The 400 million years from the black glupe to a sentient techno person. All the while surviving, evolving, learning, remembering and adapting to our environment, our social group and family tribe.

We have prioritised three main objectives for our life
1. Security.
2. Certainty.
3. Predictability

These priority adaptions have helped in our survival and safety. Together with the hierarchy that avoidance of pain is more important than gaining pleasure.

We achieved this through the creation of our fantastically complex and huge personal computer, Our Brain.

Change thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness works in a three step process.

  • We learn to focus our attention 100% on the present now.
  • Focusing the mind on the present limits the wandering mind, the monkey mind, from distracting your attention from what IS actually happening. We often live our lives from a stream of thoughts all about the past or the projected future. This creates emotions, feelings and reactions not based on the true reality of what is happening to you but on the remembered and the projected.
  • The focused, present mind generates a Meta Consciousness spontaneously. This is an understanding of what is actually going on in your life.

The three-step process starts an automatic re-programming of your neural pathways. All levels of your consciousness will begin to respond to the brain’s plasticity connecting new neural pathways allowing you reassurance on a deep and empowering level.

Author: Huw Griffiths

Huw has been teaching Mindfulness for over 8 years. In schools, offices, church halls, community centres and at his clinic. Now he has included Zoom to share the amazing power and effectiveness of mindfulness for your mental health and well-being.

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