Mindfulness Zoom at Work

Zoom Mindfulness at work
Mindfulness Zoom session

Zoom mindfulness at home and work

Zoom at home or work works so well to share mindfulness, all it takes is a slice of your day. A very thin slice at that.

If you are at home or work, it works just as well. It only takes 30 seconds, 2 mins or 5 mins of being focused and present. Stop what you are doing, on purpose, clear your mind of all those musts, shoulds and have to’s, and absorb what is actually in your life, your mind, your reality at this moment now.

Don’t try to question, don’t try to fix or understand, accept ‘This is it’. This moment is your life, right now.

Keep your mind, with concentrated effort, on what is around you now. What is it that you can see, smell, taste, feel or hear? And hold that sensation with focus.

This way, you are learning to become present. You are building the new neural pathway of mindfulness.

What is a Zoom session?

15 mins of introduction to mindfulness, and then I gently guide you to bring your mind into the present. I do this by encouraging you to become focused and follow my voice instructions. The whole session lasts 50 mins to 1hr.

The real power is in the practicing—the practicing between the zoom mindfulness sessions. For the practice takes the idea and transforms it into a reality. Into a new Neural Pathway. When the new neural pathway is deep enough and clear enough, you no longer have to try. You instantly just become more mindful.

What is Mindfulness?

It is the same process as learning a new language. Take learning to speak French. To speak and understand French, you have to focus your mind with diligence and energy on repetitively learning the nouns, the verbs, the structure, the tenses etc.

After you have done this for 6-8 weeks for 1hr a week, you will be able to go to Paris, order a coffee and ask the way to the Champs D’Elysee and understand the reply. If you only read a book on the French language, most likely you will fail to achieve this.

Please do not read books on mindfulness. Instead, use the time to focus your mind on the present moment diligently. And receive the relaxation and clarity which will follow.

Zoom mindfulness Relaxation, Energy and Wellbeing.

Mindfulness Zoom
Mindfulness for all

The zoom mindfulness sessions are weekly open sessions for all of your staff. Live yet only interactive if a participant has a relevant question to ask or share. In most cases, the effect of the guided mindfulness practices is so profound that all questions disappear as it is all self-evident.

We are expanding other parts of the brain and mind which have acceptance and genuine relaxation as their guides. This is not a new technique or any new belief system. Everyone already knows it all. We have to gift ourselves with the time and opportunity to give ourselves that well-earned break.

Golden mindfulness at work
Golden mindfulness