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Tips for getting pregnant naturally.

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Natural Pregnancy

Tips for getting pregnant naturally are for women who want to feel that they are naturally and positively approaching fertility and pregnancy. Optimizing their chances and their ability to become pregnant. However, one of the most overriding challenging factors in becoming pregnant is dealing with uncertainty.

In a modern-day where everything is so structured and controlled, it can be quite a disruptive and unnerving experience to be so out of control of what is going on in your body.

The obstacles to conception

In the external world, there are five key areas for consideration that will help

•             Medical

•             Diet

•             Lifestyle

•             Stress management

•             Emotional and psychological support for the couple.

Creating a plan of action to check out each of the topics and reviewing them after about 3 months will give a deal of control and structure to your plans. But, all of the above is the stage set of the actual performance. Each one is a potential problem or advantage, but without having enough sex, enjoyable and relaxed sex, then nothing will happen!

Too many couples run down the IVF route too quickly without looking at every aspect open to them. As a couple, it is best to tick all the boxes and have done everything you can before you go down the IVF route. The biggest box to tick is that of allowing nature to take her course. Obviously, your age at the outset of deciding to become pregnant will direct your ability to be patient and how much time you really have.

Natural Fertility
Natural Fertility

Statistical Fertility

•             84% of couples who have sex without contraception  will conceive in one year

•             8% will conceive in the second year

In the younger women, it is not the fertility of the inability to get pregnant but the impatience to be pregnant. No one wants to wait 2 years for anything. But here is a thing to remember. Most women will have been on the pill for a good while before finding the right partner and choosing to settle down and raise a family.  Two factors are affected here. Firstly the body needs to regain its own rhythm and balance, which can take up to nine to twelve months.

Three of the biggest pressures on fertility are:

•             Work

•             Sex

•             Life

There is a deep psychological trigger that has to be overcome. The shock for the woman to go from years of ‘don’t get pregnant’ to switch the switch to ‘get pregnant’ is challenging to achieve.

 No matter how much you want to become pregnant, your subconscious has been programmed and trained to inhibit your pregnancy. This is fertile ground for mindfulness meditation and positive visualisations.

Getting pregnant is an unconscious thing, the more conscious you make it, the harder it becomes. With fertility, the more pressure you put on yourself, the more difficult everything becomes.

Sex can be one of the biggest pressure. There are huge expectations about getting pregnant. It all starts with a huge excitement…then, after 6 months, nothing has happened,   the sex becomes a mechanical chore and frustration sets in.

IVF and conception

This is especially important if they are thinking of going down the IVF route. It is arduous, slow, emotional, unpredictable and draining. If there are cracks of resentment or dissatisfaction in the relationship at the beginning, then the chances are the relationship will not survive the IVF process. Therefore, it is best to settle down before starting the IVF  cycle and do the ‘work’.

Clarify the needs and expectations for both parties, create an alignment and agreement which will hold you together as things get rough. Create a vision and commitment through both the ups and downs.

The next most important factor in getting pregnant is having sex and plenty of it! Within an environment of Tiredness, Exhaustion and  Frustration. Creating a time and opportunity for sex is so, so important. Couples, in general, do not have enough sex.

 Watching your diet, being healthy and fit, following medical advice, not drinking alcohol, giving up smoking are instrumental. Still, they by themselves will not get you pregnant.

You have to have sex to get pregnant!

Otherwise, the bedroom becomes a battleground around sex, the intimacy goes, and friction and stress arises. A negative spiral ensues. Sex becomes mechanical and egg viability a paranoia. The thermometer rules intimacy!

The natural baby
The natural baby

The simple solution to fertility

The female Egg only lasts for 24hrs. And it isn’t easy to know just when you have ovulated. All the mechanics are fraught inaccurate, and ultimately stressful. Anxiety (Cortisol / Adrenalin) in a woman as she works herself up about the ovulation timing and compliance will interfere with the good sex hormones, Oxytocin and Serotonin.

However, male sperm, if healthy, can survive, active and healthy just hanging out, swimming about for 5-7days !! Therefore it’s up to the men to produce the vital, healthy and vigorous sperm with plenty of testosterone to generate the drive. Then they can and want to have sex 3 times a week, allowing a swarm of healthy active sperm ready to advance on the egg(s) as it is released.

This takes the pressure from the woman around the ovulation stage/time.  The focus reverts to the man and on the creation of   ‘the super sperm pool’.

 A constant supply of sperm in the fallopian tube ready to pounce on the egg(s) when they ovulate has to be a more efficient method of fertilization! For Ovulation can be such a random and elusive event. Don’t save up the sperm for that holy 14th day of the cycle.

And don’t bother to take your temperature. There are too many other factors that can affect your body temperature.


Oral sex, as saliva is a digestive enzyme, which may inhibit sperms.

Don’t use Lubricants, ky jelly etc., as they may block your tubes.

Avoid pain killers and antihistamines as, again, they may inhibit blood flow.

With the Acupuncture/mindfulness approach, we dovetail in the medical with the natural, the common sense with the technical, the hormonal drug therapy with relaxation and meditational. Bringing more joy and fruition to the act of getting pregnant.

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