Acupuncture for ART and IVF

Acupuncture works well as complementary treatment to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and helps to support the process of In vitro fertilisation (IVF). Having a baby is a natural thing to do and yet unexplained infertility problems are continuing to rise.

Modern day stress and starting a family much later in life, means that many couples are turning to fertility treatments to help them start a family. Identifiable causes of infertility include, ovulatory disorders, tubal damage, low sperm count or low sperm quality.

In 30% of couples the cause of infertility remains unexplained [1]. Infertility may be caused by many factors such as:

  • Disrupted menstrual cycles
  • Irregular hormone levels
  • stress

which may further decrease chances of conception [2]. In recent years acupuncture has been increasingly used as an alternative and complementary treatment to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).[3]

Acupuncture treatment for fertility has been found to:

  • Regulate the menstrual cycle
  • Balance hormone levels
  • Help to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs
  • Improve the lining of the uterus and quality of eggs released

Acupuncture works well alongside medical investigative procedures and can help with many conditions that are preventing conception from taking place.

Acupuncture and IVF or other assisted fertility treatments.

Acupuncture helps you to prepare for fertility treatment.[5] Whether you have just decided to try IVF treatment or you have been unsuccessful with IVF and want to try a natural alternative or if you want to ensure the best conditions to conceive before trying IVF again.

Acupuncture treatment is shown to boost the rates of successful implantation and pregnancy for women undergoing assisted fertility treatment. Improved blood flow to the uterus and an increase in the thickness of the endometrial lining of the womb are thought to be some of the contributory factors of a positive result. It has been found that acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women.[6]

IVF treatment and stress.

IVF or other assisted fertility treatments can be physically and emotionally demanding and also, stressful. Acupuncture treatment during this time is beneficial as a support to your body and also to relieve anxiety and tension.

Your unique treatment plan.

Not everyone is seen as the same that is why a treatment plan is formulated uniquely to suit you. Everything about your health is taken into account, and all signs are seen in relation to each other and this helps to identify patterns of disharmony within the body and works to bring you back to balance.