Insomnia treatment

Three best tips for Insomnia

When you can’t sleep your life begins to unravel. Insomnia turns the mind into a bubling plastic of fear, anxiety and tiredness, creating the nightmare of existence and a distorted reality. I have been treating insomnia and stress related conditions for 30yrs and here are the three best tips I can recommend .

Before you go to bed do not watch TV or phone or tablet espically if the content is at all stimulating or exciting. For this just increaces the adrenalin within your body. Adrenalin is the fight and flight hormone created within your body to prepare you for an attack or a call to action . It definately will keep you awake with your mind spinning.

Before you get into bed just sit on the side of the bed and consciously review the day from a good experience perspective. Think of things, even little things which which gave you just a tiny twinge of pleasure or feeling good. Even better if you really had something go well for you in the day. Zoom in on it and hold ot right there, go back to the feeling, relive the positiveness and sense of relaxation and pleasure you may have had. Take three deep breaths, really slow deep breaths, making the effort to focus your attentiuon either on to the feeling and sound of the breathing or on the positive memories you have just brought up. Then gently and slowly get into bed.

If you wake up around 2-3-4 am then to get back to sleep and finding that deep nurturing silence within can be so difficult. So try this.

Just as you beging to awake focus yiour mind on your breathing. I know you are asleep but just as you consciuosness comes alive , just as the you of the you begins to take stock of the situation , make a mighty effort to shift your attention away from the thoughts and feelings of being a wake and foucs the mind on to the breath, Feel your chest rising and falling, listen to the sound of the breath coming into your lungs, feel the breath entering your lungs and your tummy rising and falling. And here is the trick stay focused on it , dont run away with the fast approaching train of random thoughts fears and worries , stay with your breath. Keep focusing for 10 breaths totally absorbed on the breath……. see what happens. TYhe next instant it will not be 3.35am but 7.15 and you will be getting up for the next day relaxed and full of energy. Try it. It really does work.

Huw Griffiths Lic Ac . Graduated from the college of Traditional Acupuncture in 1991. Experienced within the field of body/ mind, health. Huw has been a practicing Five Element Acupuncturist for over 30 years. Huw is also a meditation teacher and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, trained to teach, at The centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at The university of Wales, Bangor.